The blue planet

yesterday when I was 8 years old I listened very much to the records of my daddy, f.e. ekseption, janis joplin, the beatles, bob dylan, donovan, abba, kraftwerk, la düsseldorf, amon düül II (etc.) – and there was also this record from a band from east-germany called ‘Karat’ with the title ‘Der blaue Planet’ (the blue planet).

I loved the sametitled song very much, cause it had this 70s discogroove, an awesome bassline and some slighty ethno-flavours and of course some nice & critically engaged german lyrics.

a few days ago my brother sent me the track and I decided to make a special edit of it – I completely removed the lyrics & the chorus, added some psychedelic flanger/phaser/filter & aswell some ill reverse-fx and here it is, for all of you authentic spacediscofans out there. 😉

Karat – Der blaue Planet (hell g. Edit)


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