In search for the lost Alias(es)

the deeper I dive into my mp3-exile, the more I come to places I nearly forgot.
this morning I found two remixes I made under the alias ‘Floater’.
Floater is one of a bunch of aliases I did a handful of tracks with and then invented a new alias and dropped the old one.
however, the alias ‘Floater’ stood for the more atmospheric & dreamy kind of dnb/idm and it was active in the end of the 90’s.

here are two remixes I did under this alias:
first remix was made for my friend philipp muench and his lovely electropop-project ‘The Rorschach Garden’. I remixed the track ‘Autobiographic’ and wrapped it into spherical and driving atmospheric dnb.

The Rorschach Garden – Autobiographic (Floater Remix)

the second remix was made for the artist ‘ENV(itre)’ and his tune ‘Jodwah’. it sounds like dreamy idm/glitch mixed up with ambient/spherical dnb.
enjoy the tunes!

ENV(itre) – Jodwah (Floater Remix)

The Rorschach Garden on MySpace

ENV(itre) on MySpace


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