The future of ‘7 Days Awake’

oh, times they are a changin…

during the recording of our next studioalbum ‘interference’ we had some internal major-changes initiated by a break-up of our singer mario carlucci because of creative differences.

this came totally surprising to all of us but we are willing to go on as a trio, just like we started the band – but with one difference: I´m going to sing & play drums together in future. omg…

this means our sound is about to change completely:
even the music, wich has grown straighter already, has now lost that ‘alternative’ or ‘metal’-ish feel and will become way more ‘indie’, whatever that means in detail…

especially the overall-musical-mood changed completely.
we are also reworking the songs we´ve already recorded for the new album and are about to add electronics, layers and sounds over it to expand the newly created atmosphere.

until now there is unfortunately nothing to show you to explain our new sound but there´ll soon be finished songs to present – we keep you updated!

until then you can checkout some old instrumental-shit we packed on our MySpace.

we also created a site for the times when mario was singin and phil played percussion Here.

we´re very excited about our future – this totally feels like ‘day one’ for us!


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