And again another memorable Remix

here comes another memorable remix from another remixcontest on acidplanet in 2001 (I nearly forgot that I participated in so many remixcontests, jeezz – my old dat´s & cdrom´s are full of it..).

but this time it wasn´t just for the remixing-fun:
I remixed DJ Spooky (the godfather of illbient and one of my personal heroes when it comes to electronic/electroacoustic music) in his ‘Under the Influence’ contest and guess what happened?
I won 3rd price!
and I was just like whoa?? 🙂

the rules in this contest: there were none.
only rule was to remix a track from his collaborational album ‘Under the Influence’ with remixes & collabs from artists like f.e. moby, fsol, sonic youth, ryuichi sakamoto, kool keith, amon tobin, etc..
because I wasn´t able to choose one single track I sampled pieces & fragments from each track on the album & created a monster – a 5 minute-melting pot of grooves & styles including f.e. dopebeats, breaks, illbient, idm, dub & jungle.

here´s the result – have fun & enjoy! 🙂

btw.:the 3rd price was a software-package including audio recording- and editing software and tons of sample-cd´s.
I was so happy that I had to do a track with that won stuff – here it comes! enjoy!

hell g. – you cannot see the future with tears in your eyes


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