In the Beginning…

here comes some very oldschoolish stuff I found while digging thru old dat-tapes – you are now about to enter the center of my abyssum, the zany nebula. 🙂

these two tunes are from the very beginning when I started producing electronic music – these were also the times before I named myself ‘hell g.’ in this former times my alias was ‘FX-INTRUDER’ (named after an fx preset from the good old roland d 50 synthesizer 🙂 ) and I produced stuff between the styleranges of techno, detroit, electro (the oldschool-one), rave, acidhouse & sometimes chillout/ambient.

my brother and me ran a nice n´small midi-studio together and we used all the good ole analogue stuff like an roland juno 60 & alpha juno, jen sx1000, crumar ds2, casio cz1000, tr 909, korg dw 8000, kawai r50, a big soundcraft 16channel mixingconsole and our first sampler, the roland s330.

we arranged everything with the stoneage-version of cubase on an old atari st. (just like stock/aitken/waterman but less commercially succesful.. 😉 )

i´m getting a bit nostalgic while i´m writing this, so I´m gonna stop lamenting – here comes the sound:

first tune must be from 92/93 and is named ‘Self Rotation’ – stylistic its somewhere between oldschool electropop and detroit and I think it´s a bit kraftwerk-inspired, but only a bit…;)
check it out:

FX-INTRUDER – Self Rotation

the second choon is from 94 and named ‘Tunic V.1.0’ – sounds a bit acidhouse-ish with early rave and detroit elements. watch out for the epic build-ups! 😉

FX-INTRUDER – Tunic V.1.0

enjoy the tunes! 🙂


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