Oldie of the week

this weeks oldie comes from a collab in 98/99 via the good old music-platform ‘mp3.com’ (R.I.P.).
it was the times, when mp3.com was free and a true paradise for unsigned & unknown artists. it had very much similarities to todays myspace but without all the bad stuff of todays outrageous datawars-spam-bigbrother-swindle.

yesterday, (when all was better 😉 ), it was also very easy to get in contact with other artists via mp3.com – a lot of nice collabs & contacts revealed thru this platform for me.
one of this collabs was with a guy named Wissing.
he´s still running the nice forum electronicattack.de in the interwebs that focusses on producing electronic music.

he had the idea of this collab, zipped some samples and everyone participating had to use at least one of em.
I decided to use the most pregnant sample, the “dread under control” speechsample.
styles are varying between illbient, dopebeats, triphop & idm/breakbeats in my remix.
here´s the result – enjoy!

Wissing – Sad dread’s journey (hell g’s Eternal Trippin’ Remix)


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