Two memorable Remixes on Sunday

and here comes another acidplanet remixcontestentry in 2001 (I wonder how many of them are acutally left..;) ).

this time it was for Bran Van 3000 (yepp, the ‘Drinkin in LA’ pals) and for their song ‘Astounded’.

what really kicked me in this contest was the fact, that Curtis Mayfield (R.I.P.) was singin in this song – he planned to become a member of BV3000 but actually died before that really happened…

I couldn´t decide in which direction my remix should go, so I did two versions of the song – one for the floor & one for the heart/soul. 🙂

the first floor-version is the more-less-vocals-but-funky-mix – you can file that version under funky breakbeats.

the second version features/worships Mayfield’s vocals inside a totally doped-out dub context – you can file this version under dub.

enjoy the stuff and have a chilled sunday!


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