Oldie of the week

this weeks oldtimer comes straight from 1996/97 and is one of the first documented collabtracks I did with my PUCH, $UPERCHROME & ORDNUNGZAMT-mate & good friend Mario Christofferson (aka takt3 ,aka dub mars ,aka microraum).

it was already that time when my brother and me didn´t produce much stuff together because of some creative differences and our ‘deafhouse’ studio melted together with mario´s ‘immergrün’ studio.

it was also years before PUCH, before $UPERCHROME, and aswell years before ORDNUNGZAMT©.

mario & me had a lot of musical similarities wich went very well for production and creative composing processes – everytime we met we did some kind of electronic jamming, f.e. like a band-jamsession but only with electronic instruments.
this was and is still the basement of our compositions in our projects.

this tune named ‘Whose Drumz’ is a hommage to oldschool dnb (especially doc scott’s “v.i.p. drums”, wich is one of my alltime-faves) and features the smoother, dub-inspired kind of drum & bass.
enjoy the trip!

hell g. – whose drumz?


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