Do you know h.neu??

this week I wanna start with a funny sideproject of mine, which is still active, but actually in sleep mode – I´m talking about ‘h.neu’.

in this project I normally cover songs, which are stored in my brain for ages – songs that moved me, songs which scared me or left some emotional aftertaste and aswell songs with stupid lyrics, which get free translated by me into even more stupid & crappy german language.
tho this sideproject might be more fun for my german fellas because of the reason that all lyrics are in german.
but I also do complete crappy & wacky reworks of the whole compositions and put the coverversions into a lofi-electropop context.

ok, examples:
first one is a coverversion of the mighty Sonic Youth and their marvellous song ‘Sunday’ – no need to say anything more, just listen & enjoy!

h.neu – Sonntag (Sonic Youth Cover)

second is exceptionally no coverversion – it is a collabtrack with my good friend philipp muench (aka synapscape/aka the rorschach garden/aka p. muench) and his wife babsi teichner and a melancholic hommage to our hometown bielefeld. 🙂

h.neu + p.muench + b.teichner – Legenden der Leidenschaft

enjoy the stuff!
ah, and check us out on MySpace!

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