News from the Abyssum

howdy and welcome back in my Mp3-Abyssum.
last time I showed you a bit from my very beginning in producing electronic music as we entered the zany nebula.

but this time we are moving far out into the totally leftfield district.

here I stored all the stuff I wasn´t able to categorize or classify into specific genres – too much pieces of different styles, influences & genres come together here and confusion might be the consequence.
so please be prepared for that before you go on reading/listening. 😉

first tune is one of the last I made under my alias ‘Floater’.
it was arranged for a moviescore of a shortfilm from a friend of mine in 1996.
please note that this track is merged from three different tracks and goes stylistic from breakbeat & atmospheric dnb over jungle/dub into lofipop with jungle flavours.

Floater – Out Of The Dark

the second one is one of the first tracks I ever made under my current alias ‘hell g.’
this tune named ‘Morpheus’ is from 1997 and features all the influences I had in that time going from squarepusher over boymerang straight to the darker side of dnb. while staying dark this tune never gets hard or aggressive. tricky lightfoot beats with very deep & low morphing bass – stylistic somewhere between atmospheric dnb, idm, jungle & a dash of jazzy breakcore.

hell g. – Morpheus

enjoy the trip(s)!


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