Dead sideproject of the month

do you remember when I showed you the ‘blackhole of the lost aliases’ inside of my mp3-abyssum??
cause I forgot to tell you that if you fly inside this blackhole your destination is the ‘eternal graveyard of the dead sideprojects’. 😉

one of these dead sideprojects I recently discovered here on an old dusty dat-tape:
it´s name is ‘annette gratze’.

I worked with her husband achnbach and her in the end of the 90’s and we had an unofficial cd-release named ‘words more in the air’ on my little label $upra-Recordings.

our sound could be described as some kind of lofi electronica with triphop & glitch/idm influences which was mostly marked by annettes eerie & dreamy vocals & achnbachs magnificent guitar playing.
my role in this project was the overall arrangement and composition of the songs.

and now I´ve got two songs of us for you:

the first one named ‘dissolver’ is one of our last songs from 2001 and previously unreleased. stylistic it´s glitchy & dark triphop with ambient influences.

annette gratze – dissolver

second song was the last song from our cd ‘words more in the air’ and named ‘mystery’.

annette gratze – mystery

enjoy the tunes!
you can also check us on MySpace.

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