Oldie(s) of the week

sometimes I find myself flirting with worldmusic – not that I´m really much into it; it´s more the overall mood or the special mystic vibes in some worldmusicstuff I dig.

here are two tracks I did in 2002/03 with even some kind of worldspirit.
they´re from the ‘posveta e.p.’ I released on my little label $upra-Recordings as a physical cd-release and I´m planning to do a re-release in my mp3-store in future.

the first tune called ‘balkanoid’ is (as the name says) very balkan-infected with a detuned guitarsample carried on heavy dopebreakbeats and thick orchestral backings – watch out for the flute! 🙂
hell g. – balkanoid

the second tune is called ‘apátrida’ and got some mixture of gypsy & oriental flavours – stylistic this one´s a bit more illbient/triphop.
hell g. – apátrida

enjoy the stuff!


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