My first band ever

I´m recently getting very nostalgic as I post this stuff here, cause it is by far the oldest stuff I´ve ever posted here in my blog until now and I have lots of good memory in these times – I´m talking about my first band ever, ‘Brot & Spiele’.

the band existed from 1991 to 1997 under this name – later we renamed ourselves in ‘Suprafutur’ (I´m going to post stuff/music of suprafutur later) and existed finally til 2000 with the same member-constellation.

the constellation on the photo is the oldest I found on a picture here – the guy with the black bar on the pic wasn´t part of us when we recorded our first official released longplayer ‘Baked City’ in 1995.
the band consisted of:
lutz schindler on bass (right), thorsten strohmeyer on guitar (the guy I lean my head on) and myself on drums & vocals (left).

our style could be described as a mixture of indie, crossover, jazzcore, grunge and pieces of funk – we never cared about one special style. 🙂

I´ve got two songs for yalls from our first & only cd-release ‘Baked City’
the first song called ‘all in vain’ was often played at the sunday-disco in the good old forum-enger club (r.i.p.) and is nearly a popsong with heavy distorted refrain-parts and nice 7/8-rhythm in the verses. 🙂
brot & spiele – all in vain

the second called ‘not your day’ features a heavy phonky n´groovy slapped/popped/tapped bassline and gets very fast & weird in the end.
brot & spiele – not your day

enjoy the stuff!
ah, and visit our Brot & Spiele Myspace Tribute Page!


4 thoughts on “My first band ever

  1. Grüß Dich Helge,
    jetzt werd ich aber auch grad nostalgisch…aber war schön das Zeug mal wieder zu hören. *die ollen Suprafuturfiles anklick*
    Mach et jut!
    (Der wo du den Kopf auf die Schulter legst)

  2. Nimm ma den Balken aus meinem Gesicht!!! ;-))
    Gruß an die alte Garde! Ich vermiss die guden Zeiten manchmal ganz schön….

    • hey ralphe,
      würd ich gern, die alte garde grüßen – hab leider weder zu lutz, noch zu thorsten (ausser einmal kurz vor ca 1,5 jahren) kontakt… :-/
      vermisse die zeiten auch sehr…aber was will ma machen!?
      zeiten & menschen ändern sich – ich bin aber immernoch der alte. 😉
      meld dich doch mal wenn du im lande bist!

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