Back in the blackhole

we´re back in the ‘blackhole of the lost aliases’ inside my mp3-abyssum and we also enter the realms of the ‘graveyard of the dead sideprojects’ again and this time it´s getting a bit uncomfortable.
I´m talking about my undead alias ‘DJ SPAM’.

I was active with this alias from 2001 – 2006 (9.11. was the reason to start..) and today it´s waiting as a sleeper for new instructions.. 🙂
stylistic DJ SPAM stands for chaotic, dissonant soundscapes pressed in harsh groovey-rhythmcorsets ranging from industrial, illbient/downtempo to freestyle and experimental glitch and idm.

this mild tune named ‘time is on our side’ is a double feature, cause I remixed it with my current alias ‘hell g.’ – kinda multiple-personality-disorder – I remixed myself – strange but true. 😉

DJ SPAM – Time is on our side (hell g. Remix)

DJ SPAM on MySpace


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