Oldie(s) of the week(end)

this weeks oldies are remixes & collabs I did with the incredible musician, former mysterious mp3.com-artist and very good mate trian aka ‘chukimai’ (aka ch00kii).

we met each other virtually in 2001 cause we were both part on the same cd-compilation named Bubble Bunny Music – A sweet Label Compilation.

we liked each others stuff very much & found out that we have a special connection to each other – so we decided to meet in person 2 years later when I visited him together with PUCH-chanteuse Cara in rotterdam.

musically we collaborated in several different ways the last years – here are two examples:

first choon was the lush n´jazzy song ‘uncomplicated majik’ by chukimai. I gave it an oldschool jazzy & funky drum & bass vibe while cara completed it with her majik voice.. 🙂
must be from somewhere between 2002/2003.
chukimai – uncomplicated majik (hell g. remix)

second choon is a collabtune we did via inet in 2005 – chuki sent me an arrangement and I edited the hell out of it: the result is this obscure & glitchy tune named ‘chang high fairy tale’.
ch00kii + hell g. – chang high fairy tale

enjoy the trip(s)!

check out chuki´s MySpace!


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