Another unholy alliance

it must have been somewhere in the end of the 90´s when the bro on the pic and me met up for groovy & ill killerbeatsessions – the name of that guy is ‘tobi morare’ aka ‘treiber’.

tobi & me know each other since kindergarten and this was exactly the place we recreated at tobi´s house. 🙂
we are both drummers and so we also have this special kind of connection to each others mind – this time it was a dangerous combination… 😉
we had also this jambandproject running and decided someday to go aswell some more elctronic ways together.

and these ways should strictly lead to hell as we melted dnb, jungle, happy hardcore, breakbeats/breakcore, 2step, garage, hiphop, etc. together and formed an uncontrollable monster of beats n´sounds n´noises.
listen fo yoself – but be warned: the following tracks are no easy listening at all!!!

the first monster is more of a golem called ‘we don’t take no shit’ and that was exactly the core-essence of our project. 😀 no need for anymore words – just listen:
hell g. vs. tobi morare – we don’t take no shit

the second monster is a testosterone-driven skullcrushing bonebreaker called ‘massive degeneration’ – no one gets out here alive… 🙂
hell g. vs. tobi morare – massive degeneration

visit my man tobi on his MySpace and you should also check out his actual bangin’ project together with crissy called Treiber on MySpace and show the guys some love! 🙂


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