More ‘4 to the Floor’

we leave the realms of total breakbeat-chaos for a while and return to the straighter side of beats – the so called ‘4-to-the-floor’ rhythm.

for those of you who don´t know: 4-to-the-floor means the classic dancebeat you can find in most of the house/techno/disco/trance music with a straight 4/4 count bassdrum.

I´ve got two different examples for you from my first alias ‘FX-INTRUDER’, which I already mentioned in an older post.
the stuff I did under this alias was more oldschool kind of chicago house/detroit sometimes mixed up with acid and later aswell with experimental stuff like glitch or idm.

the first tune named ‘cure’ comes from 1994 and features minimally arranged oldschool chicago house with detroit and deephouse elements – it was also recorded very oldschoolish only with analogue-equipment.

the second tune named ‘smooth riot’ is from 1998 and features more the nuskool kind of house, as it begins very unhousy with a distorted halftime breakbeat and glitchy noises and later on morphs into stomping detroit/deephouse spiked with glitch/idm. this track is made on a complete digital environment. it was also the last tune I did under the alias ‘FX-INTRUDER’.
FX-INTRUDER – Smooth Riot

enjoy the trip(s)!!


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