Dead alias/sideproject of the month

this month dead alias/sideproject is again a funny-one. it was only formed as my personal tribute to my beloved german crime scene radio drama called ‘Die drei ???’ (in english: the three investigators).

when I was a kid I was extremely flashed by the awesome soundtrack of this radio drama which was composed, arranged & played by Bert Brac aka Carsten Bohn – it was and is by far the best soundtrack I´ve ever heard in a radio drama in my opinion.
today the soundtrack of this drama has changed to something irrelevant – the old soundtrack can´t be reached in his quality & originality. 🙂

so I needed to pay tribute in a special way:
as an example here´s the old theme melody of ‘Die drei ???’ in a special Hoellen-G-Edit-Remix-Version – i used (again) the good ole apache break, sampled the hookline & also some phrases from the original german voices of the investigators and, well: here´s the result. have fun!
Die drei ??? & das Hoellen-G – Theme from Die drei ???

check out some more 3???-Remixes on MySpace!


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