My second band ever

not long ago I showed you stuff from my first band ever, ‘Brot & Spiele’.
meanwhile another band was formed in 1994 and it should be harder, straighter & faster – I´m talking bout my second band ever, ‘Pierce Your doG’.

‘Pierce Your doG’ was another trio and consistet of Assi Assman (aka Z) on guitar, Al Zeimer on bass & myself again on drums & vocals.
The photo above shows us inside the good ole Fla-Fla cinema (R.I.P.), HF and features Al Zeimer on the left back, Assi on the right back and myself inside my mid-90´s-long-hair-phase in front. 😉

our sound could be described as some grungie noiserock with hardcore elements.
we played some nice support shows, most of them in the good old Forum, Enger (R.I.P.) for bands like motorpsycho, love 666, sick of it all, 18th dye, blumfeld, name only a few.

we had three unofficial cd-releases – the first was our four-track-cd ‘BARK! E.P.’ released in 1996. we recorded again at overdrive studios, mi as we allready did with ‘Brot & Spiele’.
Here are two songs from our ‘BARK! E.P.’:

first one is the fast n´noisy opening track called ‘Prepare To Die’ – no need to say anything more about it – just listen.
Pierce Your doG – Prepare To Die

the second one named ‘Froze’ has an overall grungie feel and an epic length of 6:44min – enjoy!
Pierce Your doG – Froze

p.s.: watch out – there might a ‘Pierce Your doG – MySpace-tribute-page’ soon… 😉


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