Two memorable Remixes on Tuesday

so, you may think: “oh, what a kind chill bro!?” when you look on the pic above – but let me tell you: this guy isn´t chill at all!! I´m talking about dadaistic superstar ‘Rasputeen’.

I met this guy 5 years ago for the first time in a washing saloon in my hood. he was just washing his knitted voodoo puppets which he tenderly called ‘frau schmidt’ & ‘larry light’ – that was the first disturbing thing I discovered on him.
the second sturby detail was the paperbag on his head. so, after a while of funny talking about this and that I grabbed a heart and asked him: “dude, I don´t want to offend you, but why are you wearing a brown paperbag??”
in this moment everything stopped around us – the washing machines were frozen in motion and the overall silence threatened the shit out of me. he slowly turned his head/bag (via 180°), grabbed mine and whispered darkly: “well dude, so mote it be: I curse you to do two remixes of two tunes of mine – If you don´t finish em till dawn you will forever have to wear a paperbag on your own damn head until the end of time!!!”.
suddenly everything around was alive again – the machines washed but there was no rasputeen at all – he´d disappeared…
so I had a mission – to finish two remixes till dawn and this is what I did:

first remix was for his tune ‘Bürokratie’- I wrapped it all up into hectical distorted breakbeats flavoured with ravey basslines and happy hardcore pianochords – have phun with this one!
Rasputeen – Bürokratie (hell g’s Happy Staccatocore Remix)

second remix I did was for his song ‘Kleiner Gigolo’, a sleazy tune about having lucrative sex with ugly neighbours. first association I had was a smokefilled, disgusting jazzclub-bassement where they play freejazz swing but nobody listens, coz everyone´s looking at the zombie gogodancers. 😉
Rasputeen – Kleiner Gigolo (hell g’s Jazzhole Remix)

rasputeen liked my remixes sooooo much that he didn´t only took the curse away from me – he released that shit on his longplayer Rasputeen – Das Leberwurstbrot.
but his true identity I didn´t reveal until today….

check out rasputeen on MySpace!


One thought on “Two memorable Remixes on Tuesday

  1. Schluss mit der Bürokratie findich GROSS !
    Ebenso wie der kleine Gigolo.
    Ganz hervorragend!
    werd direkt ma auf seiner seite kucken…

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