More news from the Abyssum

back again in my mp3-Abyssum – this time we´re going to approach two different quadrants simultaneously (via interstellar wormholes); the ‘blackhole of the lost aliases’ & the ‘star of the lonely tunes’.

first we enter the blackhole again to discover another dead sideproject of mine, the ‘MYSTIC BRAIN PROJECT’. 🙂
I had this sideproject running from 94-98 with my good friend and later roommate hendrik wörman (aka Darth Wörman). MBP was all about soundcollages, noises, bedroom-ambient & tape music – most of our stuff was hardly listenable…
this first rare, melodic tune of us called ‘organic’ is from 95, very spherical and features several different types of organs, melting together to a floating, acousmatic ambient track. enjoy that!

second we approach the ‘star of the lonely tunes’ – here are all the tunes, which were very unique inside of each alias’ context; they were somehow ‘lonely’ under a bunch of very different tracks – also a lot of tunes here have the word ‘lonely’ inside the tune-title, or were thematically bout being lonely.
this tune from aswell 1995 named ‘lucid’ is an example for a stylistic ‘lonely tune’ inside the musical context of my floater alias. the overall sound, especially the beats, are very 80´s laden, but the main melody features a slightly detuned and heavy sustained roland juno 60 synthesizer.
but listen for yoself:
Floater – Lucid

enjoy the trip(s)!


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