The present of ‘7 Days Awake’

back again with some news from my band ‘7 Days Awake’ – last weekend we recorded the vocals for our upcoming longplayer ‘Interference’ at the studio from our label ‘Abandon Records’ in Hamburg.
We recorded with Alex Henke & Stefan Thölen from Abandon.

the last weeks I worked very hard on the lyrics – we also did a lot of additional instrumental interludes, which will appear between some songs on the album.
we`re getting more & more excited about the album, coz every little piece we created fits together very well until now…:)
but there´s still a lot of work to do for the finish.

until now I prepared a small fotoalbum with some impressions from our studioweekend.
you can check it out HERE!

and for the extreme curious guys around you we have a very small bad-quality videosnippet.
there´s not really much to see or hear in there, but if you listen very carefully you can hear it in the fragments of my lyrics what our upcoming album will sound like. 😉
check the sneekpeek HERE!

have a nice week yalls!
stay tuned – I keep you updated!


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