Again two more PUCH songs for free!

yes, it´s true: here are again two PUCH songs for you for free download. 🙂
these tunes are from our third inofficial release from 2003/04 named ‘OZ’ – it´s by far our most melancholic & elegic album and fits perfectly into the upcoming fall/winter season.

but let´s start with the most unmelancholic tune from ‘OZ’:
the track is titled ‘playground’ and captures images of childhood, easiness, love, eternity, trust & faith.
stylistic it´s somewhere between lounge, dopebeats & dub.
puch – playground

the second tune we´ve got for you is the complete opposite of ‘playground’.
dark, deep, soulful & spiked with pain this song named ‘withOut’ creeps thru a lynch-esque atmosphere featuring the desperate lamenting lyrics & beautiful broken voice of our singer Cara.
stylistic ‘withOut’ can be filed under downtempo/triphop.
puch – withOut


enjoy the tunes!

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