Another season

yes, it´s official: summer has ended, days have gone shorter & we´re approaching some rather cold times again better known as autumn/fall/winter/etc..
and I´ve got two tunes here for you to keep you acoustic in the right mood for that upcoming change. 🙂

first tune is the smooth & melancholic ‘another season’ from my dead sideproject ‘annette gratze’ (<< I showed you already in this older post).
she really paints the seasonal changes perfectly with her fragile emotional voice – enjoy the song!
annette gratze – another season

also check annette´s space!

second choon is a heavy rolling illbient/triphop/dopebeat track named ‘winter’ I did in 97.
it was later used as a backingtrack for the sametitled tune of my deceased german hiphop-project ‘A, D & Hoellen-G’.
hell g. – winter

enjoy the thongs & may yalls have a nice week! 😉

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