Another memorable Remix

here comes another memorable remix I did in 99 for the faboulous ‘Riviera’ – nah, not the coast but the gorgeous german easy listening/loungepop duo with the same name. 🙂
the duo ‘Riviera’ consists of sis/bros Julia & Roland Wolf hailing the world with their sweet sound from Hückelhoven, Germany.
listening to riviera´s music is like opening a box of candies never really knowing what kind of sweet you´ll get next, but being confident that it will be sweet in any way. 🙂

we met ourselves virtually on the deceased musicplatform (r.i.p.) in 98/99 and later aswell on the same cd-compilation Bubble Bunny Music.
then I asked roland if I could do a remix of their faboulous song ‘Veruschka’ and he gave me green lights.

my version adds some epic organchords and sloppy-grooving breakbeats to the song, which may stylistic be filed under easy loungehop-j-pop. 😉
this tune may bring back some sunshine into the last pastelgrey-coloured days – enjoy!

Riviera – Veruschka (hell g’s space-o-lette Remix)

you should also better checkout Riviera´s Website! It might save your day! 😉


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