The day ‘Brot & Spiele’ became ‘Suprafutur’

do yalls remember when I once told you the history of my first band ever ‘Brot & Spiele’?
fine, coz now the saga continues… 😉

in 1997 we got a bit bored by our old songs and the overall crossoverish sound and decided to take a break and only met up for jamsessions. during these sessions we noticed that our sound slightly morphed into some more indielofitrashpoprock – we liked it more & more while we were jamming and started creating new songs.

in 1998 we had nearly 12 complete new songs finished and decided to record some of em.
first we recorded a 2-track demotape still under our name ‘Brot & Spiele’, but then we realized, that our old name didn´t fit the nu sound. so we dropped the old name and remaned ourselves into ‘Suprafutur’. the members & instruments were the same as ‘Brot & Spiele’: schindler on bass, disthorsten on guitar and myself on drums & vocals. later on there was also a guy named folter on synthesizer & additional guitar. 🙂

we went back to the studio and recorded 3 different tracks on an unofficial demo-cd named ‘Rewind’. one year later in 99 I compiled the 2 songs from the tape, the 3 songs from ‘Rewind’ and a selfmade remix of a sessiontrack and released the cd-e.p. ‘Worth Living For’ (see cover above) on my little label ‘$upra-Recordings’.
there are still nearly 13 cd´s left here for sale – if someone of yalls is interested just drop me a msg!
and now: nuff said – here come´s the sound!

the first tune named ‘Thief’ is from the demo-cd ‘Rewind’ and is a fast & driving uptempo indielofitrashpop-song with a nice hookline, slightly distorted vocals, a juno 60 and handclaps in the end. enjoy!
Suprafutur – Thief

the second song named ‘Get Strange’ is from the two-track demotape – it´s a trashy/lofi melodic midtempo tune which breaks out in the end.
Suprafutur – Get Strange

have fun with the tunes!


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