Oldie(s) of the week

shame on me yalls! last week I forgot to post an oldie of the week – and to keep you calm I dedicided to post two oldies this week – isn´t that rad? 😉
ok, here we go – first oldie is my third or fourth physical release I had on a compilation. this time it was on the often mentioned Bubble Bunny Music in 2001 on the sweet little but deceased label ‘Schneetreiben’.
they chose my tune ‘final fantasies’, which is my personal dedication to the worlds most greatest action-rpg-game that was ever made for the playstation 1. stylistic this tune goes from freaked out illbient & idm into breaky sci-fi dnb.
caution: this is the full extended version of ‘final fantasies’ which was also on my unofficial release ‘unireverse’ in 2000 – the version on ‘Bubble Bunny Music’ was only the single edit. enjoy!
hell g. – final fantasies

the second tune I´ve got for you isn´t really an oldie coz it´s nearly only 3 years old. the track is called ‘gated community’ and is from my official release Carefree from 2006 on my little label $upra-Recordings.
it could be described as a very fast electrostep/dnb-track mixed up with chiptune elements.
hell g. – gated community

enjoy dem tripz! 🙂


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