New old stuff from the Abyssum

back again in my funky mp3-Abyssum as we enter again the totally leftfield district with two tunes from 95 featuring my favourite previous aliases ‘FX-INTRUDER’ & ‘Floater’. 🙂

first choon I got for yalls is wether flesh nor fish – the track called ‘don´t look away’ is something between house, electropop & euroshit as it features a housy organ, an electro-styled bassline and a somehow euro-ish scary-knocking bassdrum…;)
have fun withit!

FX-INTRUDER – Don´t look away

second choon features again me remixing myself with a funny track done by my alias ‘Floater’ and finally remixed by my alias ‘FX-INTRUDER’. the tune titled ‘Freakwency’ is somewhere between house, breakbeats & electropop but listen for yourself:

Floater – Freakwency (FX-INTRUDER´s Drumtrack Changed Your Mind Remix)

n-joy the trip(s)!


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