Collab of the future

it was one of those many days I was sitting in the studio with my good friend mario christofferson (aka dub mars) and we didn´t really know what to produce – a somehow creative vacuum had catched us up. so we did, what we always do when the vacuum arrives: listening to some old records we love.

this time mario grabbed deep in his italo-recordbox and found a true masterpiece of italian popmusic: Lucio Battisti.
we are both huge fans of his song ‘Ancora tu’ (see above cover) and this was exactly the tune mario dropped on da recordplayer.

while the song was playing and we both were floating in memories I surfed a bit on youtube and searched for a video of the song. I found a lot of fanmade stuff but no original video – but I found this one, which I somehow clicked:

mario & me were speechless by the performance of this guy named mattia.
and suddenly the creative vacuum had disappeared – we wanted to do a remix featuring one of our most beloved songs ever performed by another manic fan. 🙂

we thought about in which of our projects this remix would fit – we found out: in none of em. so we created a nu collab, a future collab called ‘Gerd Groove & Frank Funk’.
and this is our first tune featuring mattia pattaro from verona, italy, whom we contacted via youtube & who was very pleased & happy bout our plans and the remix.

so here come the tunes:

listen to the original song by Lucio Battisti on LastFm.

and here´s our remix-version:

Gerd Groove & Frank Funk – Ancora Tu (LoFi Discomix feat. Mattia)


p.s.: mattia loved it so much that he also did a video-version – check it out here 😉


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