Another memorable Remix

yalls, it´s time to lay down some serious sound – these bro´s on the pic above stand for bodyshakin´ rhythm & noise and skullcrushin´industrial symphonies and are also very good mates & hometown-buddies of mine: I´m talkin bout ‘Synapscape’.

it was one of these days in 2001 when tim (dave) and phil (martin) asked me to do a remix for one of their tracks from their upcoming album ‘positive pop’ and I was like: “fuck YEAH!!” 😀
I chose their banging tune ‘notorious’ and turned it into some distorted dnb-industrial-hybrid-wreck-step-track. 😉
caution: before you continue listening be prepared for harsh rhythmic & distorted sounds and turn your stereo on maximum volume!

Synapscape – Notorious (Killa RMX by hell g.)

my remix & a bunch of other remixes by artist like ,f.e. asche, imminent, savak, converter, etc., were released on a limited edition triple 10″ vinylboxset on ant-zen records. 🙂

also check
home of Synapscape
and SynapSpace!


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