Do you know ORDNUNGZAMT©??

oh nooo, not another project with me & mario christofferson (aka dub mars) again…you might think..:)
oh yees, here we go with our disco/electro house project ‘ORDNUNGZAMT©’, which was born in 2006 and today it´s into sleep-mode.
we made a bunch of crunchy housy tunes which we packed together as a digital-only-release named ‘CTRL’ which is available in my little mp3-shop. feel free to check that out.

here we go with two tunes of us that we give away for free:

first one is a bootleg-version from a cover/remix we did of one of our favourite songs by robert palmer.
check out ‘z3r741n7y’ and do it quick – only available for a short time!! 🙂

ORDNUNGZAMT© – z3r741n7y (Bootleg Radio Mix)

second choon is my hell g. remix of ‘z3r741n7y’ featuring our former 7 Days Awake-singer mario carlucci on the vocals – more electro & more pumped-up! 😉
enjoy the stuff!

check ORDNUNGZAMT© on MySpace!


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