Something ghostly

back again with some rare unreleased stuff of my dead sideproject ‘annette gratze’.
her husband achnbach & me were the composers of all the songs while annette completed them with her beautiful broken voice & lyrics.
here are two tunes of achnbach & myself before annette had lend us her vocals from the year(s) 1998/99.

the first one named ‘ghosts’ is a very slow downtempo lofi-triphop track with distorted guitars, stretched & ultra-slowed down broken beats and some creepy choral-samples. the tune was later renamed into ‘I remember’, after annette completed it with her vocals and al fred did some nice trumpet & sax work. this is the raw & rare instrumental version.
hell g. + achnbach – ghosts

the second song named ‘twilight’ is aswell a very slowed down lofi-triphop track with looped livedrums and a nice surprising moodchange in the middle. it was later renamed into ‘winter sunlight’ after annette finished it with her voice. here´s the instrumental.
hell g. + achnbach – twilight

the vocal versions of these instrumentals will soon be online on Annette´s MySpace – I´ll keep you updated! 🙂
until then enjoy the tunes!

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