Back in the Abyssum

my dear readers,
today we approach a quadrant inside of my mp3-abyssum we didn´t approach before – it´s the galaxy of the unfinished. 🙂

here are all the tunes I started to produce someday and never brought to a proper ending.
I recently discovered that most of the unfinished stuff is related to my former aliases ‘FX-INTRUDER’ & ‘Floater’.

so here we go with two unfinished tunes:
first one is a crazy tune from 1995 featuring my previous alias ‘FX-INTRUDER’. this housy track called ‘Madhouse’ is somewhere between house and techno and got lots of chicago, acid & detroit influences – but totally leads into nothing. a bit monotone the house-stabs rotate around themselves and the transitions aren´t smooth enough to make this a finished track. anyway a nice idea. 😉
FX-INTRUDER – Madhouse

second tune is a short reprise-version of the ‘Floater’ track ‘Lucid’ (I posted the original HERE) and was originally planned as a reprise/fade-out edit for an cd-release which never happened. also this edit lacks a lot when it comes to smooth transitions – only things that changed are some drum & synthsounds and the overall length. a bit uninspired tho – hope yall have fun with it anyhow. 😉
Floater – Lucid (2nd Coming)

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