It´s St. Nicholas’ Day!

yeah, yalls read right! and guess what´s time for?? my friend p.muench and me prepared a special-St.-Nicholas’-Day-download for ya: two very rare & unreleased tracks from ‘h.neu & p.muench’ – how fkkn awesome is that?? 😀

some days ago we sat there in p.muench´s kitchen and were digging thru old cd-boxes full of old stuff we did together in the past and we found some true pearls wich we wanna give to yalls fo free for pre-christmas! 🙂

first one named ‘Ein Bielefelder in Berlin’ is a coverversion of Sting´s ‘Englishman in New York’ and is thematically bout someone who´s lamenting that most of the former Bielefeld citizens move away from here to live in Berlin becoz it´s somehow smarter, better, cooler & easier to live there. musically this tune starts very smooth & morphs into some glitchy delaysessions at the end. enjoy that shit! 🙂

h.neu & p.muench – Ein Bielefelder in Berlin

the second tune is just another unreleased dadaistic masterpiece named ‘Hundepisse’ (in engl.: dog piss) – no more words on that track, just listen & enjoy!! 😉

h.neu & p.muench – Hundepisse

p.s.: p.muench & me are planning a VERY special christmas free give-away for yalls in the next weeks – so stay tuned for updates!! 🙂

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