Let´s surf some Karma!

today I´ve got a very special bandproject for you, where I´m often involved – I´m talking bout the international psychedelic instrumental jam-concept-band ‘Karmasurfers’.

this band is the brainchild of it´s former, guitarist and labelowner of Radiopulpo Records, Andreas Calvente.
the ‘Karmasurfers’ have an often changing line-up but mostly consist of the members Andi Calvente on guitars, Ferran Pericas on bass, Toni Ripoll on guitars and myself on drums.
another remarkeable thing is, that one half of the band (Ferran & Toni) are coming from and living in Mallorca.
the ‘Karmasurfers’ meet up in inconsistent time-periods because of the distance – when we meet, it´s often directly combined with gigs and practice.
we released 3 vinylsingles & two longplayers until now – all of the stuff can be discovered on the homepage of Radiopulpo Records.

the concept of the ‘Karmasurfers’ is to create mostly instrumental psychedelic soundscapes with lots of 80´s indie and shoegazer influences, which arise out of jamsessions which we record and later filter the essence out of it. 🙂

now I´ve got two examples for you:

the first song called ‘Stereophobia’ is from our 2004 released longplayer Karmasurfers Recording Sessions (see cover above).
this song is a psychedelic instrumental spacerock tune with lots of
magnificent E-Bow-action coming from the magic hands of Andi Calvente. 🙂
enjoy the trip!
Karmasurfers – Stereophobia

the second song called ‘The Only One’ comes from our latest release in 2008 called Karmasurfers Recording Session Vol. 2 which has been released only on vinyl.
this is a smooth, ethereal & spherical instrumental tune featuring myself on the piano.
if you like mogwai or sigur rós, you might enjoy this aswell. 🙂
Karmasurfers – The Only One

enjoy them tripz!

also check:
Radiopulpo Records
Karmasurfers on MySpace


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