It´s friggin cold outside

yes, it´s true yalls – time to get your pullovers out!

and here´s my gift for you: a tune called ‘pullover’! 🙂

I did this dark & driving techstep track in 2002/03 and it´s some kind of drum & bass rework of the samenamed track by one of my alltime-faves when it comes to techno music; Jochem Paap aka ‘Speedy J’.

So for now don´t get mad that this track is only in 128kbits – this tune (and a bunch of other older tunes) is soon going to be rereleased in the beginning of 2010 on my little label in full 320kbit-quality! 🙂

Stay tuned for this & enjoy!

hell g. – pullover


One thought on “It´s friggin cold outside

  1. Super Voc-Sample!
    Mir fällt grad auf, wie lange ich son Sound nicht mehr gehört hab.
    Ich glaub ich muss ma wieder auf ne Tschungelpattie…

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