Something mystic for your brain

here comes some experimental food for your brainz, brought to you by one of my dead sideproject´s named the ‘MYSTIC BRAIN PROJECT’.

I´ve got two tunes of us for you we did in 1995 and a remix done by my also dead alias ‘Floater’.

the first track named ‘Shiver’ is an experimental & acousmatic ambientish tune, performed live with records, radio´s, tapes, two synthesizers and a heavy effected tv-sat reciever. we layered three different recordingsessions from tape to tape and also manipulated the sound via pitching the tapes during playback. you can file that tune under tape music. enjoy.


the second track named ‘Emptee’ is some moody piece of dark ambient performed live with three synthesizers. this melodic tune has a somehow sacral atmosphere provided by the eerie synthsounds – no drums, no beats, no samples – only floating chords. enjoy.


the last tune I´ve got for yalls for today is a Floater-Remix of ‘Emptee’. I added manipulated electrobeats & some detroit flavours and made it a bit more dancey. 🙂

MYSTIC BRAIN PROJECT – Emptee (Floater Remix)

enjoy the tripz and have a well chilled snowy sunday!

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