A very special Christmas gift

here comes a very special christmas gift for yalls, provided by p.muench and me: we are giving you a complete album for free download – how incredibly awesome is that?? 😀

we´re giving away our minicompilation called ‘BiFi – Bielefeld LoFi’.
this compilation was released in 2003 on Mini-CDR on p.muench´s little but deceased cdr-label ‘sub.ver.siv’.

thematically it´s all about our hometown Bielefeld performed by a bunch of unknown artists coming from over here, like f.e. lars oberbaum, sarah kuhn, h.neu, p.muench, f.droege, D-BIEL, etc…
stilistic this album features the whole variety in electro, electro-pop, e-clash, minimal electronix & chiptunes. most of the stuff is with german lyrics – a few tunes are instrumental.

the tune ‘ostwestfalendamm’ by h.neu & p.muench got pretty much airplay on our local beloved campusradiostation Hertz 87,9 and is also featured on the CD-Compilation ‘Soundz of the city 2006’, which is a compilation of local rock & pop-music made in Bielefeld.

so, here we go with the flow – you can check & download each track seperately or go down below and get the complete compilation including cover-art and tracklist as a zip-file. 🙂

1.Sarah Kuhn – LoFi Disco

2.Carsten Remmer – Platz des Nichts

3.H.Neu & P.Muench – Ostwestfalendamm

4.Peter Auf´m Berge – Kikifitz

5.Kirsten Schmitt – Oetkapark

6.Kusenbaum Orchestrion – Brackwede

7.Lars Oberbaum – Jahnplatz

8.D-BIEL – Stadtrallye

9.P.Muench – Bielewelt

10.Plastikschlauch – Kulmbacher

11.H.Neu feat. F.Droege – Ja Herr, ich kann Boogie

and as a very special feature: a bonustrack from ‘D-BIEL’ that wasn´t featured on the official release!
12.D-BIEL – Pinte Dei

get the complete release with coverart & tracklist as a zip-file HERE!

enjoy the gift & have a nice chilled merry christmas!!
I´ll be back blogging after the xmas-holidays.

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