Last Abyssum-News in 2009

hope yall survived the xmas-days! here we are back again into my mp3-abyssum one last time this year as we finally approach the center of it, the zany nebula.

I found two tunes from my very beginning in producing electronic music. unfortunately I only got these tracks as live-recordings from my one & only livegig I had under my alias of ‘FX-INTRUDER’ back in the days of 1994 at the good old FKK, Minden.
these tunes were recorded during my live-performance on normal audio-tape and later recorded back to digital audio tape (DAT), so the soundquality isn´t high-end but quite listenable. both tunes have also epic length. 🙂

the furst choon Ive got for yalls is one of my very early works in 1992 – this track called ‘Stratosphere’ is a mixture of deep & dubby house with some chicago house influences (watch out when the housy piano drops in at 4:30min).
the tune is carried by a very heavy & deep dub bassline and all in one very minimally arranged – check it out!

FX-INTRUDER – Stratosphere (live)

the second choon I did in 93 is an epic and trancey minimal house tune with some tender acid & ambient elements called ‘Microscape’ – this tune climbs over the 10 minute length mark – enjoy the trip!

FX-INTRUDER – Microscape (live)

p.s.: both tunes are completely arranged & performed live with analogue synths and drumcomputers – no samplers or samples have been used! live mixing & recording with the helping hands of p.muench.


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