Your favourite post in 2009

my dear readers,
the end of 2009 is nigh, so it´s time to pay tribute to all yalls – I wanted to know which of my blogposts were the most interesting and which got the highest click-rate from yalls, so I checked the gorgeous, fantastic wordpress-stats-tool to find that shit out, and;
Here We Go with my personal ‘hell g. Blogreaders Top Ten Posts of the Year 2009’!! 😀

Number 10:
The Art Of Soundrecycling
170 readers of yalls found it very interesting, how I recycle samples and arrangements.

Number 9:
The Blue Planet
200 of yalls loved my sick space-disco-edit of eastgerman rockband ‘Karat’.

Number 8:
The Present Of ‘7 Days Awake’
210 of yalls got curious about the present of my rockband ‘7 Days Awake’.

Number 7:
Herkules Remix
250 of yalls checked my bangin remix for my berlin-bro´s from ‘Herkules’.

Number 6:
Oldie of the Week feat. Depeche Mode
310 of yalls enjoyed what I did to ‘Depeche Mode’.

Number 5:
Dead sideproject of the Month feat. A, D & Hoellen-G
330 viewer got excited about my dead-hiphop-sideproject ‘A, D & Hoellen-G’.

Number 4:
My first Band ever
340 of yalls liked to listen to my first band ever, ‘Brot & Spiele’.

and here we go straight to the first three places:

On Number 3:
It´s St. Nicholas Day!
540 of yalls got mad on unreleased stuff of p.muench & h.neu – and the Berlin-Kreuzberg based Blogrebellen featured ‘Ein Bielefelder in Berlin’ as their tune of the week! thanxalot dear Blogrebellen! 🙂

On Number 2:
Memorial Michael Jackson MashUp
550 users checked out my memorial MJ vs. Justice MashUp.

And The Winner Is
On Number 1:
Oldie Of The Week feat. FX-INTRUDER
Surprise Surprise, I´m extremely astonished, but 570 of yalls got totally mad on my UK-Garage styled tune ‘Common Gurl’ – I never expected anything like this!

so my dear readers, all I can do for now is to say a very big thank you for reading my shizz – my personal wish for 2010: drop some more comments please!! 😉
and stay as you are – wishing yalls a fabulous slide-into 2010!!
cheerz & love,
hell g.

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