2010 – the year we make contact

yes, it´s true yalls – it´s 2010, the beginning of a nu decade and possibly that year, when we make contact – contact with f.e. some extraterrestrials, ufos & monoliths, or contact with new alternative viewpoints in our lives, or we just keep in contact with simple common sense, who knows…

whatever 2010 surprisingly will bring, I hope it will be good for everyone of us – maybe we should better think about what WE can bring for 2010, but that´s a different question…
damn, now I need to get the curve from philosophic blabla-storytelling to what I have in score for yall – it´s a tune named ‘Flight 2010’ made in 1996 by my dead alias ‘FX-INTRUDER’. 🙂

this tune is carried by a disco-sample from `78, which some of you might recognize…
stylistic this track is somewhere between disco & house with hi-nrg & some tender rave-elements as tech/rave-stabs, endless swelling snare-rolls and a sometimes unholy exploding bassdrum.

FX-INTRUDER – Flight 2010

enjoy the flight and have an excellent 2010!

p.s.: as you may have noticed: I changed the overall design of my blog – nu year nu look, yaknowImsayin?? 😉


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