Another unholy alliance

here we are back with another strange music-collaboration, a so called unholy alliance. 😉
this time it was a collab between my undead alias ‘DJ SPAM’ and my dead bandproject ‘Suprafutur’ – WTF you may think…

it was in 99 when we sat in our practiceroom-vault and jammed around, meanwhile I recorded the whole session on minidisc.
I found a whole bunch of remixed ‘Suprafutur’ tracks from this session – I show you some of em later.

now to this particular tune:
schindler (bass) & disthorsten (guit) from ‘Suprafutur’ jammed around on some heavy depressive riffs – later on I cutted out the essence(s), looped, distorted and effected that shit and arranged this grindie doomed monster here called ‘Desolation’, which is stylistic somewhere between broken beats, downtempo/illbient/triphop and industrial rhythm & noise.

CAUTION: Be warned – harsh noises & distortion inside! not for weak nerves!

Now enjoy! 😉

DJ SPAM – Desolation (feat. Suprafutur)

DJ SPAM on MySpace


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