Another memorable Remix

back again with another memorable remix from again another acidplanet-remixcontest in 2002/03. this time it was for mate, former bielefeld citizen & experimental indie/electronica-pop musician par excellence Dirk Dresselhaus aka ‘Schneider TM’.

Schneider provided his beautiful song ‘Reality Check’ from his 2002 album ‘Zoomer’ (check the original tune HERE).

I picked up the pieces and and here is what I did:

I mostly tried to keep the overall arrangement & song structure of his song and only morphed sounds and the bassline and added here & there a bit noisy glitch.
I also reprogrammed the beat which is a bit more 80´s in pieces than the original and distorted the bassdrums on count 1 in the end and aswell the acoustic guitar.
I mostly used the second voices and the gorgeous vocoder-vocals to add a bit more surrealism. 😉


Schneider TM – Reality Check (hell g’s Surreality Check Remix)

you also better check
Schneider TM Homepage
Schneider TM on MySpace


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