Oldie of the week

todays oldie of the week is one of the first tunes I produced under my current alias
‘hell g.’, or better explained:
it´s the tune that created ‘hell g.’ 🙂

while producing this track back in 96/97 I realised that it didn´t really fit my aliases ‘FX-INTRUDER’ and aswell ‘Floater’ cause it was way too weird, dark and breakie – so my current alias ‘hell g.’ was born.

the tune is named ‘maniacminded’ and is a mixture of drum & bass, breakbeats/breaks and aswell idm.
the name already says it all what´s goin on in here:
nasty breaks, crazy basslines & a freaked-out overall structure – watch out for the nice heavy subbass around 4 minutes. 😉

enjoy the trip!

hell g. – maniacminded

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