Smells like weed spirit

ages ago I told yalls bout an alias of mine which I did only 3-5 tracks with – yesterday while digging thru my tune-archive I found this stuff finally: I’m talking about my dead alias ‘Stoney’. 😉

this alias stood for the more doped kind of downtempo breakbeats mixed up with trashed lofi bigbeats – all flavoured with a spoonful of well-hung weed. 🙂

the first tune I’ve got for yalls illustrates this particular sound very well. the track named ‘no pasa nada’ (in engl.: nothing happens) is a trashy lofi bigbeat tune with a sample from a theme of a childrens tv-program yall may recognize and extremely worn-out breakbeats manufactured in 1999.
it also features spanish speech samples from a computer userinterface I designed in my former job as a mediadesigner – I stole the samples and misused em for this track – stoney style. 😉
Stoney – No Pasa Nada

the second choon is a Stoney remix from a song of my dead hiphop-project ‘A, D & Hoellen-G’. the track titled ‘Hoellen-G’ was the only track I was featured with raps – here comes the slowed down & doped-out Stoney remix of it, made in 2000.

A, D & Hoellen-G – Hoellen-G (Stoney’s Dopes 2 Infinity Remix)


4 thoughts on “Smells like weed spirit

  1. LOCO!!! Also wirklich!! Warum kenne ich das nicht, obwohl ich Das A! bin, jenes, welches einen Drittel des Bandnamens A, D und Hoellen-G (ADHG) ausmacht. Tss….

    The Flyest!

  2. TY a ton for posting, it was very informative and helped tons.. haha the one who is posting the comments Agreeable A lot more An increase in.

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