Nu re-release on $upra-Recordings!!

yalls, it´s time for a nu release on my little fancy label, or should I better say: it´s time for a nu RErelease!? this time it´s that release I started my label 10 years ago when it was cd-r based: I´m talking bout my longplayer ‘unireverse’. 🙂

some of you asked if I would like to rerelease that old stuff of mine and here it comes.
let me take you on a ride thru downtempo/dopebeats flavoured with triphop, idm, breakbeats and illbient.
the music was manufactured between the years 1996 to 2000 and includes a lot of oldschool & lofi references.

I already blogged some tunes from that longplayer times before – here are three tunes for you for free:

first one called ‘I´m near u (catch my hand)’ has lots of 60’s flavour and illness, carried on the good old apache-break.
hell g. – I´m near u (catch my hand)

second one named ‘shiva shag’ is a worldmusic flirt based on traditional indian instruments and harmonies.
hell g. – shiva shag

third tune called ‘revenge’ is a dirty & dark downtempo/illbient tune with lots of highnoon-atmo. 🙂
hell g. – revenge

checkout the whole release in my store or check the albumteaser on my MySpace-labelsite.
‘unireverse’ is soon available on amazon, etc, too!!

stay tuned for updates!


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