L.O.S.T. (Literally Obvious Secret Tune(s))

last weekend I found it: the key to a stargate leading straight into the parallel universe of lost tunes of mine.
this lost parallel universe seems to coexist right beneath my mp3-abyssum – but I can only enter when a somehow special starconstellation is achived. this weekend was this special constellation… 🙂

in this lost parallel universe are all the tunes (like the name already says) that got lost on my musical ride – songs performed by my own, songs performed with bands or special jam-constellations, etc. and which I can remember very well – but can´t remember where they physically have been stored.

I’m now going to post lost tunes more often in future – today I’m gonna start with a very special one:

this song named ‘Timer’ was performed in 1998 by a jamproject consisting of Sven Stober and Matthias Hoffmann from Herkules and myself. we never had a name for that jamproject and also never performed live on a stage in front of an audience.
this song was mostly jammed in our practiceroom with sven on guitar & vocals, matze on bass and myself on drums & later aswell on piano.

this particular version is a hell g. – remix of ‘Timer’ with aswell nice stringsamples provided by sven.
I cutted some loops out of the liveinstrument-channels and rearranged the stuff – sometimes it drifts a bit out of time to provide a livefeeling though it is completely arranged on a computer.
it’s a very epic and melodramatic tune with a heavy bassline and a lovely piano melody carried on broken livedrumbeats that got extremely distorted in the end. stilistic this tune is somewhere between broken beats, triphop & a movie soundtrack.

Timer (hell g. Remix)


One thought on “L.O.S.T. (Literally Obvious Secret Tune(s))

  1. PS At no point reading your post did I believe you had shit your pants, and I am happy you validated that by the end. Though I wouldnt have thought less of you if you had. 😛

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