More stuff from the abyssum

it’s just another manic monday & welcome back into the depth of my mp3-abyssum – this time we approach again the center of it, the zany nebula.

and again I’ve got two very old tunes for you featuring my first (dead) alias ‘FX-INTRUDER’. as some of you already know, FX-INTRUDER stood for the more ‘4-to-the-floor’-related music, somewhere between techno, house, acid etc.

the first tune I’ve got for yalls is from 94/95 and takes the promising title ‘Neurotica’. 🙂
lots of psychedelic goin on in this harder acid-styled technotrack – watch out for the heavy backwash-effects on the roland juno-106 acidsounds. also this tune got a somehow strange moodchange around 4minutes – just when you thought nothing more is going to happen. enjoy nearly epic 9 minutes of pure neurotica! 😉

FX-INTRUDER – Neurotica

the second tune is aswell from 94 and is titled ‘Tunic V.2.0’ and is a strictly acid/house track.
as the interested reader of my blog may recognize, I already posted a tune named ‘Tunic V.1.0’ ages ago – this is the resumption. carried by a typically acidstyled morphing 303-bassline this tune got somehow dreamy elements in the middle with floating synths.

FX-INTRUDER – Tunic V.2.0

please notice that both tunes are made with only analog equipment – no synth-plugins, no samplers – arranged very oldskoolish with cubase 2.0 on an good ole atari st. 🙂
enjoy dem tripz!


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