Springtime’s coming aka another more or less memorable remix

I can feel it yalls: springtime is close, very close! I can smell it in the air! it’s getting warmer, lighter and good ole sun showed up this morning again, however only for a couple of minutes, but I guess we’re beginning to see the light again – just tryin to spread some positivity around my dear readers. 😉

but enough light for now – how about some more darker & moody stuff??
just found this old remix I did ages ago – must’ve been somewhere around 1998.
I was experimenting with some nice selfprogrammed filters which I used to filter vocals out of music to get some nice acapellas – illegal, but: who cares?? 😉
it worked somehow, not hifi-wise but quite useable.

I tested this filter with lots of music & isolated vocals from artists like michael j. ackson, everything but teh gurl, smashing p’s, portishead, etc.

here’s one example:
I took the gorgeous song ‘Numb’ by Portishead, filtered out the vocals, sampled some dark & moody classic loops from composers like gershwin & dvořák and created this trippy & spooky downtempo/triphop/illbient remix of ‘Numb’.

enjoy the trip & have a nice weekstart!

Portishead – Numb (hell g’s Four Seasons In One Day Remix)


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