Another L.O.S.T. tune

do you remember when I first told you about the parallel universe of L.O.S.T. tunes which is hidden inside my mp3-abyssum?
this morning I somehow had access to this parallel universe again and found a very very rare live-recording of my dead band ‘Suprafutur’.

this song named ‘Lone Star’ must’ve been one of our very late works somewhere around 99/2000 – most of it was recorded during a session in our practiceroom-vault and got later arranged and flavoured with lofi-indietronic by myself.

this tune was one of our very early lofi-indietronic experiments, inspired by bands & acts like the notwist and locust fudge and has also got the owl-spirit init. 😉

CAUTION: don’t expect hifi-sound here – trashed speakersound ftw!

Suprafutur – Lone Star

p.s.: ‘Lone Star’ got covered 4 years later by my PUCH project – check out this version HERE!


One thought on “Another L.O.S.T. tune

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